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Refika is known for her unique and adventurous take on Turkish food that is based on seasonal, local ingredients and centuries-ols techniques yet infueswd with a relaxed, contemporary sensibility. Her signature style uses traditional ingredients to create original contemporary dishes that are unusual but easy and fun to prepare. After her first book, Cooking New Istanbul Style, Refika appeared on various TV shows and started a weekly column in the Saturday supplement of the Hürriyet daily. Nowadays she has her own cooking show on Turkey’s national TV channel, NTV named “Mucize Lezzetler.

The Book



Brand new dishes easy to make, tasty and prepared with our local ingredients… New beginners can follow them step by step, or people who have recently set up their home could learn so much about kitchen order, and even those who are able to cook blindfolded would say “Oops! I’ve never thought of that”.

In my world; to reach a taste that takes you to a realm of relish is only possible when good ingredients are prepared in a cheerful kitchen, with easy and fluent recipes and served in an appropriate and unique way. Therefore this book does not only consist of recipes but of four chapters that include these recipes. You will find so practical and incredibly delicious recipes such as “Kadayıftan Mantı” and “Yufkadan Türk Suşisi” (Turkish Sushi from Phyllo).

Especially for last 10-15 years, we’ve constantly been importing very well marketed foreign cuisines and paying incredibly high amounts for them. Our fat chefs from Bolu are replaced by an English chef who cooks dishes quite foreign to us, but has managed to enshrine us in our hearts. Through the efforts of him and others, a country where there were not many interesting food types 20 years ago and people were not used to cook at home experienced a great change. Exactly these efforts turned London into one of the leading gastronomy centers of the world. Jamie Oliver managed to trigger this change literally by creating out of nothing. We, on the other hand, have such a cuisine which we can refer to, rediscover tastes in; and above all, when we adapt those tastes we’ve rediscovered to contemporary conditions we can definitely get lost in its realm with joy.

Writing a page every Saturday since 2010 on Hurriyet Daily, a newspaper from the biggest media publishing of Turkey, Refika presents her seasonal recipes, gives her insights about food culture and life, touches on every subject particularly related with innovative Turkish cuisine.

TV Show – Mucize Lezzetler